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How Do You Know Which Cosmetology Program Gives You The Best Chance Of Finding A Job After Graduation?

If you're considering a career as a cosmetologist, whether you're just starting out or are switching careers, it's important to select the right cosmetology school. While it is important to select a school that has professional instructors that are knowledgeable about both fundamental techniques and the latest trends, it's also important to select the school that gives you the best chance of finding employment after graduation. The ideal cosmetology program should do more than just provide the education you need to get your state cosmetology license; it should also provide the resources you need to find a job in the industry.

Does The School Have Its Own Salon?

It's important that a cosmetology school either have its own salon on campus or is partnered with a salon. When you're considering cosmetology schools, make sure to ask what percentage of students have the ability to work in the salon during the course of their education. You'll have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in your program to the salon's customers. The hands-on experience that this provides is invaluable and makes you stand out among other graduates when you are looking for employment.

Are Job Placement Programs Available?

Cosmetology schools can teach you everything you need to know about styling, cutting and coloring hair, performing manicures and pedicures and administering facials and aromatherapy. Unfortunately, many schools fail to teach what may be the most important skill of all: finding employment after graduation. When you're considering a cosmetology school, ask what percentage of their graduates find employment after graduation. Make sure this information reflects graduates who successfully found employment in the cosmetology industry, not just the percentage of graduates who were employed at any job.

If the percentage of graduates who successfully found work in the industry is low, it usually means that the school does not have a very good job placement program or is not teaching the skills necessary to find employment in the industry. There are a number of ways that cosmetology schools can help graduates find work in the local area after graduation, such as maintaining good relationships with local salons; if the cosmetology program is of high quality, local salons should be eager to hire new graduates from the school, and this should be reflected in the percentage of graduates who find employment after graduation.

How Respected Is The School In Your Area?

Stylists who have worked in the local area for a long time, especially if they own their place of business, tend to have strong opinions on which local cosmetology schools produce competent graduates and which aren't worth the cost of admission. You can ask your own stylist or call local salons and ask for their opinion on the cosmetology school you are thinking of attending, such as Western Hills School Of Beauty & Hair Design. This is useful to get a feel for whether or not the cosmetology school has a quality program, but more importantly, it is useful to see if salons in the local area respect graduates from the school. If many of them have had negative experiences with graduates from that school before, it can make it a lot harder to find employment locally.